Flourish Flower Market

Brigham City, UT

Flourish Flower Market is a small family owned farm where we grow seasonal flowers. Family and community are the heart of our business. 

Flowers from Flourish are grown with sustainable practices because our goal is too preserve the land for future generations. Here at Flourish we are dedicated to the slow Flower movement, to locally grown, not flowers shipped in from other countries. The flowers are fresher and last longer which gives  customers more for their investment. We are dedicated to supporting other small growers and sharing knowledge. 
Flourish is a dream come true, literally we are living the dream! 

Our goal is to grow the most spectacular flowers that bring joy to as many as possible.

Shelly Zollinger, Flower Farmer of Flourish Flower Market

Shelly is the owner operator of Country Garden Design and Flourish Flower Market. Flourish is a small family farm in Brigham City, Utah. Shelly graduated Utah State University in Ornamental Horticulture, worked in the gardens at Temple Square for 15 years, then retired to work in landscape design, and now finds her passion in growing flowers for the floral industry. She loves the farm life, chasing chicken , weeds and all.

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