Wasatch Blooms

Salt Lake City, UT

Wasatch Blooms is a Salt Lake Urban Flower Farm. When you hold my flowers, when you breathe them in deep, I want you to feel the immense love and connection that I do. I want the flowers I grow to convey the message of profound love for each other, the earth, and ourselves. Because Love is what drives me to grow flowers.

I grow sustainably to feed the soil and benefit my community and environment. I blend permaculture ethics with market gardening to grow flowers that do more than decorate the table, but that also protect our pollinators and create a diverse ecosystem for the unseen members of our community. Farming is my passion and my calling. Farming is my artistic expression. Flowers are my heart wrapped in petals.

Bring your flowers home

Wasatch Blooms offers a Flower CSA (community supported agriculture) as well as selling wholesale to florists.

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Heather Griffiths, Flower Farmer and Owner of Wasatch Blooms.

Heather grew up just outside of Ogden, UT where she was regularly chased by chickens and where she road her horse in the empty fields across from her home. SHe studied American studies at utah state UNIVERSity where she first learned of slow agriculture which lead her down the path to become a flower farmer.

Heather started wasatch blooms when she realized the options for local flowers in her community were far and few between. she knew she could provide something her community would value and would build a feeling of love and COMMITMENT with whomever would stop to feel it.