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Certified Grower Membership

Certified Grower membership is for the existing farmer who is looking to take the next step to improve their farm and business. In order to best support our farmers and give them the best resources we ask that every Certified Grower met the following criteria:

  • Have a registered business name in the State of Utah; and

  • Been growing and selling Cut Flowers for 2 or more years.

We want to provide long-standing support and resources to our farmers. We want anyone who wants to be a flower farmer to succeed in growing their business and farm. We ask that our Certified Growers be committed to locally grown flowers so we can bring this movement forward.

Please note: the Certified Grower and Farmer Florist memberships are only available to those who are approved through an application process (see application below).  Do not purchase these memberships until you have applied and received notification that you have been approved.

Apply First

Certified Grower



Every year

Application based membership level - apply before purchasing

Valid until canceled

Attend member-only quarterly events

Community of meetups, online platforms, and social media

Receive member-only newsletter

Certified Grower Logo for use on your website

Free tickets to farm tours and special events

Promotion through our website and social media feeds

UCFFA seed exchanges and wholesale order planning

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