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Bloomed Life

We provide florists and rose lovers near Salt Lake City with locally grown, seasonal, fragrant garden roses. We are committed to sustainable floral design and inspiring our friends to live a bloomed life.

Heritage Mums

At Heritage Mums, we're not just a "weeding" business; we're a flourishing community. We're here to make your garden dreams "blossom" into reality. Whether you're in a "thorny" situation or just want to "grow" your knowledge, we're here for you and all the puns too!

Red Acre Center

Red Acre Center is a nonprofit in Utah that works to promote and protect farmers, small rural and urban farms, and the right to choose what you eat .

Our vision for Utah is to have thriving local food economies. To be a place that not only allows but invites regenerative small urban and rural agriculture. Where healthy local food is grown, raised, sold and easily accessible.

What We Do
We advocate, educate, and build a community where the conversation can happen!

Snuck Flowers

At Snuck Farm, we believe that it takes a variety of growing techniques and methods to adequately feed our communities now, and in the future.

We use both hydroponic farming and organic soil farming methods to grow the large variety of crops we produce on our farm.

Utah Flower Market

Utah's only exclusively locally-grown flower market. Providing designers and our local community with unique cut flowers direct from our Utah farms from April 19th through October 4th at Grove Station in Pleasant Grove.

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