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Blue Sky Blooms

Blue Sky Blooms

Under the blue skies and warm sunshine of the Southern Utah desert near Zion National Park, growing beautifully in the sandy red dirt, an ephemeral oasis of seasonal flowers bloom. As a micro flower farm, Blue Sky Blooms offers custom bouquets to a limited number of flower-lovers in eastern Washington County and nearby areas. We can be found at the local Farmers Market in Hurricane, whenever possible, to better serve our wonderful flower friends and customers. Flowers here are grown with love to cultivate joy, provide a safe haven for pollinators, and to make our earth a little more vibrant!

We Offer Flowers Through:

The following Farmers' Markets:
Hurricane Farmers' Market
As well as:
Individual Orders

Growing up, I didn't have the proverbial green thumb. I would flip through seed catalogs and stare longingly at houses with lovely yards, all while yearning to grow a beautiful garden of my own. I knew it was possible to do here in our arid climate as I have watched my dad and grandfather grow incredible gardens year after year. One day, several years ago, I decided to figure it out so that I could get my hands dirty and feed my passion for flowers. In 2019, this dreamer made the choice to plant a large plot of sunflowers on some of our family's land the following spring. I could never have imagined the impact those flowers made on me and the friendships that would blossom from that venture.

Now, a few years down the road, I have moved the "farm" to a much smaller area on a portion of my half acre of red dirt near Zion. I am forever a student of the flowers as I learn which flourish the best in our unique growing conditions. They take a special kind of care and love to grow in the desert, and I am grateful to be here for the journey and for the joy these flowers bring not only to me, but to all who receive them.

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