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Wild Willow Gardens

Wild Willow Gardens

The farm began its career as a cow pasture. For decades, this place was only good for raising cattle. Then in the mid 1990's a family bought the property with only one scraggly tree on the entire farm. Ironically, it fell over shortly thereafter.

For the next 25 years the farm slowly transformed into a beautiful space with ponds, orchards, gardens, native trees, and eventually even a place for a few cows :)

Now the farm is transforming again. By embracing natural processes and a new focus on regenerative agriculture, the farm is beginning to produce more abundantly than ever. It will be a thriving space that not only provides the finest blooms, but also inspires those who find it.

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Carlyn Thompson

Carlyn Thompson

How do you know if you're supposed to be a farmer? Carlyn and Brandon both grew up with agricultural families. It was normal to spend summers picking apples and making forts. Somewhere along the way too many people said that farming wasn't viable. 'Don't do this.' they recommended.

After starting a family and careers, farming called again and wouldn't leave them alone. More than anything, that idea wanted to be. At first they borrowed a neighbor's backyard and turned it into a garden. After several years they established themselves in Springville on a permanent space.

They love the feeling of being connected to the land and watching it produce abundantly. They enjoy bringing that feeling to other people. They believe this work can be sustainable, lift and inspire the human heart, and heal the soil.

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