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Blue Mountain Ranch

Blue Mountain Ranch

We bought our property, Blue Mountain Ranch almost 6 years ago, after searching for 20+ years. We were initially drawn to the mature perennials, trees and stunning views of the mountains. The property sits at the mouth of American Fork canyon in Highland and we have beautiful rich soil. We have worked tirelessly to bring our farm back to life and create a biodiverse environment for pollinators, birds and wildlife. We farm on a little less than 2 acres, although some of it is pasture that we are working to bring the soil back to a healthy state. We are passionate about the soil health and we work to keep our practices sustainable and organic. We grow a variety or vegetables for our own consumption and to share with others and have a growing flower farm as well. We keep chickens for their eggs as well as the rich compost they provide. We also have kept bees in the past and enjoy watching them work to pollinate both our edible and non edible crops.

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I am a third generation farmer. I grew up playing in the creek and picking roses from my grandmother's garden in Southern California. I love to spend the day in the sunshine, whether It's in the garden or sitting by the pool or beach. I believe in knowing where your food comes from and I love to trade flowers, vegetables sourdough bread and eggs with friends and neighbors to create a mini self sustaining community.

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